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Operation tribal hunt?

Operation tribal hunt?

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Dr. Lenin in Asian Gawngju folk school


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The Mindanao Examiner

The Mindanao Examiner

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Untitled Document

Untitled Document

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India's poor feel abandoned by politicians - 18 Apr 09

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Justice is not denied even though being delayed

Justice is not denied even though being delayed

Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi 22/4/2009 2:22:28 PM(IST)

I am Ashish, 30 years old, a resident of Ranchi, Jharkhan. I am the only son of my parents. My traumatic story occurred on 17th September, 2004, when I went to Hindpiri Police Station Ranchi, only to meet my friend Suraj, who was arrested on false charge and being locked up in the police station. When I reached the police station, the Officer-in-Charge (O.C.), despite of giving permission to meet my friend, pressured me to put my signature upon a sheet of paper as a witness of Suraj’s arrest. I argued that I could not be a witness because I wasn’t present at the moment when his arrest took place and refused to sign on the paper. Then the O.C. became furious and started assaulting me by kicking and slapping. The physical assault upon me continued around 10 minutes before the eyes of the SP of the district, I felt so humiliated and insulted.

Thereafter, they put me inside the lock up and then to interrogation cell, where I was subjected to third degree method of torture, while interrogating me intensely to reveal whereabouts of some goons. Since I know nothing about the goons they couldn’t extract any clue from me. Then the O.C. and his men made me sit on a chair with my hands in upwards position and kept me beating continuously. It was followed by blows on head. Again they laid me flat on the floor and bashed me up over my both soles with sticks. I felt blood oozing out inside my left side ear. The brutal interrogation continued mercilessly until I dropped myself unconscious.

I came to know only latter, that police admitted me at Sadar Hospital, and from there rushed to RMC hospital Ranchi. I was almost dead in the eyes of everyone, as I remained unconscious completely for 21 days. On 22nd day of my treatment at RMC hospital I regained my memory but I could not recall what actually had happened to me. Latter, I was referred to Valore Hospital, where I underwent treatment for another 20 days. Doctors said I sustained brain hemorrhage following a heavy blow on head. The damage left my left side body literally paralyzed and I could not walk normally for the next six months. I could not speak out even simple words as I often got stammered. Besides, I was emotionally disturbed.

Meanwhile newsmen sensed the smell of the incident and my story hit the front pages of many newspapers, while I was struggling for my life at hospital. To neutralize the impact of the news police threatened my father and warned not to file any case against them. They even asked my father “ Which would be more precious to you - your son’s life or our suspension from service”. Police fabricated a false case about my injury. They admitted me at hospital as a victim of road accident. They destroyed records relating to my confinement and torture in their custody. I could not fight for justice in the court as my father became a cancer patient soon after his retirement, besides my younger sister was about to tie her wedding knot. I didn’t want my sister’s marriage got jeopardized due to adverse social effect of my prosecution. I felt so desperate and hapless. The O.C. involved in my torture wasn’t ever prosecuted nor given any befitting punishment baring a mere transfer.

Remembering the traumatic incident I went through, even today I feel extremely anguished, dehumanized and a burning urge for revenge arises inside me. My left hand is still not fully cured and unable to use in a skillful manner. I am now suffering from chronic anxiety and getting often angry even on petty matter that eventually leads to unwanted quarrels with my wife. I am despaired that owing to my unwarranted behaves my wife left me recently and she is still at her parental home. Sometimes, the agony of the brutal incident makes me so restless and depressed that I bound to take sleeping pills. I am giving this testimony at my will with a high hope that justice is not denied even though being delayed. My testimony is allowed to be delivered in a public ceremony yet I would like my name be kept anonymous for obvious security reasons.

(Note: The name, place and date referred in the testimony are changed ones though the story itself is kept same as the genuine one and is meant for public use. However, another testimony without changing the facts is filed for private use. Victim suggested doing so.)

Group : Montu & Pradip, Ranchi 23 March, 2009

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Pathetic condition of an advocate in Varanasi due to Police torture

The post WHO indicator for human well being of Ratandeep Gupta is declining at faster pace in comparison to the pre monitoring and evaluation (M&E) questionnaire. Pus is continuously oozing out from his leg and doctor had advised for surgery to replace the metal rod implanted in his right leg. Ratandeep is unable to walk and had to stop practicing. His wife, Shikha working as a teacher in private school had to quit her job as she had to take care of her incapacitated husband. Ratandeep and his family had been pushed to abject penury.

Ratandeep Gupta needs immediate surgery but his precarious financial condition impedes that. The risk of right leg being amputated looms large, if the operation is not done immediately.

Here Ratandeep Gupta, a practicing lawyer in Varanasi narrates the horrifying tale of police brutalities unleashed upon him. Now he has been pushed to abject penury so we would appeal to contribute liberally so that Ratandeep Gupta could be operated immediately and he can stand on his feet.

The video clipping of while police was beating Ratandeep Gupta and his brother Dr. Amardeep Gupta can be viewed at
My name is Ratandeep Gupta, 36 years old, Son of Rajendra Kumar Gupta, resident of S 11/24, Choukaghat, police station- Jaitpura District-Varanasi. We are two brothers. My elder brother is Dr. Amardeep Gupta, who is medical practitioner and his clinic is adjoining our house at S 11/23, Choukaghat. I am lawyer by profession.
I was leading quite a normal life but on 28th December 2007 Municipal Corporation officials accompanied by police reached my brother’s clinic to demolish the encroachment. They haven’t given any prior notice. They informed that my brother’s clinic would be demolished as encroachments are being cleared. My brother told them that my clinic is in authorized space and it does not fall within the purview of encroachment. Those who came to demolish my brother’s clinic asked us to come out of the clinic as they want to demolish it. My brother informed this to me in phone. I was in the court. When I reached there, the squad had demolished a portion of the clinic. We could not come to know that who had launched the demolition drive.
Next day, on 29th December 2007, I along with my brother were present in the clinic, then Municipal Corporation officials accompanied by city magistrate, Police officials (Chetganj Circle Officer & Jaitpura Circle Officer) along with posse of policemen and anti-encroachment squad, started demolishing the remaining portion of the clinic at around 11 am. We showed them the legal documents of the house and the approved map of the locality. They shouted on us saying, ‘neither we want to see any papers nor listen to you’. Police officers instructed their subordinates to push both me and my brother to the standing jeep. When we were walking towards the jeep, 4-5 policemen and police officers surrounded both of us and started incessantly raining blows with lathis (long cane tipped with a metal blunt). One among the policemen had been indiscriminately raining lathi blows on one side of my leg, though his lathi had broken still he continued hammering on that side. Besides, kicked and thrashed continuously in a dehumanised manner. Due to incessant blows my right feet started dangling. Injuries were on my left arm, shoulder and different parts of my body. After indiscriminately beating us, they wanted us to board three-wheeler tempo. My brother could board it but I was not able to stand on my feet.
A policeman dragged me to the Vikram tempo and I was frightened seeing myself bleeding profusely. They took us to Jaitpura police station. I was feeling quite thirsty and it seemed as I would die instantaneously. I asked for a glass of water from policemen, and then they told that they would give me tea instead of water for quenching our thirst. Then I told at least to give us tea but they did not even give us. Police was continuously abusing us and used nauseating epithets to humiliate us. Police had also rained lathis, kicked and thrashed my brother also. But in that situation, I was writhing with pain and not in proper frame of mind.
After getting the information, my Bhabhi (elder brother’s wife) my wife reached the police station. Police abused then also and drove them away from the police station and didn’t allow them to meet us. Till 2.00 pm noon as I had lost lot of blood so I was unconscious and police sent me at Kabir Chaura Hospital. In the hospital, when I was conscious then I felt quite dejected. I was worried that now I won’t be able to stand on my own feet.
In the meantime, my wife came to meet me at the hospital. She generated confidence in me. I felt ashamed that women members of our family had to rush to the police station without any fault of theirs. As the Government hospital lacked the facilities, so I had to undergo operation at Lakshmi Medical Centre by Dr. SN Dubey. After operation, I was discharged from the hospital I came back to my home. I was completely in bed rest for three months. During the operation, metal rod was implanted in my right leg. Still I suffer from excruciating pain. Again I was operated by Dr. Shakil Ahmed, who took the bone from my hip and grafted it onto my fibula. Still I suffer from excruciating pain and it’s difficult for me to walk.
Still, today when police brutalities unleashed on us comes in my mind then, I am quite despondent. The abusive language of CO Chetganj still echoes on my ears, who said, “Beat him continuously and break his leg and make him physically handicapped, so that his life is spoiled forever.” What I feel that if anyone is at fault then legal actions should be taken against them but not to be beaten mercilessly to turning them into physically incapacitated. Later we came to know that police had shown their anger suspecting us of stone pelting. Still now we could not know who indulged in pelting stones during the demolition drive. When police was beating us, we did not run away. Still that reverberates in my mind like a film. I am unable to forget it. Today whenever I see police officials I seethe with anger and express my hatred against them.
Police booked us under different sections of IPC and lodged criminal cases against us. We were granted bail by the Court. We were quite enraged by the fact that police, who unleashed unbound savagery on us, rather framed criminal case against us. Our family had to spend over Rs. 1 lakh on me and my brother’s treatment.
Criminal case and police brutalities on us had damaged lots of our credibility in the society. Financially we were pushed to shambles. My legal practice suffered a setback. I was so mentally afflicted, that whenever I try to stand on my feet, the excruciating pain makes the police brutalities in my mind. Coupled with that, society’s disdainful attitude makes our life horrible. The incident has so deeply affected us that we are hesitant enough to take any initiative. In our matter, police wanted to terrorise so that people do not raise voice against the police.

While talking to you, it seems to us that there are people with whom we can share our pain. We are happy that some people are there to lend their helping hand to us. Lawyers and doctors associations extended their support to us. We want to regain our social prestige. We want that whatever false charges police had framed against us both of the brothers should be withdrawn.

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Police torture of Dalit Dharkar community in India

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Varanasi Weavers Crisis

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Message of Dr. Lenin on the 60th Anniversary of UDHR

May 18 Academy in Belwa of Varanasi





Participants of May 18 Academy,South Korea came in Belwa of Varansi.Belwa is symbole of people's resistence against caste system ,which is started by PVCHR.
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