Sunday, July 27, 2008

John from Maharastra

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Dear Lenin

Not that there was no development here that we did not send you an update. The movement is smaller but stronger than before.

Our struggle has taken a new turn after the Revenue officers visited most of our occupations and took down the statements of the encroachers. The spot inspection has given new vigour to the movement.

It was during our routine attempt too establish our rights that we bumped into a stunning scam that is taking place in the region. The landlords who had lost their land in the ceiling act is claiming back the land by manipulating records. The government of Maharashtra had consented to the claim of the landlords and is planning to return forty thousand acres of land.

We are awaiting more documents which are overdue under RTI We are planning to move the high Court against this mega land grab..

The trial resumes tomorrow..Let us see what is in store for us.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Uttar Pradesh: Manipulation of police against marginalized

Uttar Pradesh: Manipulation of police against marginalized

Anjana/Neeraj 1/7/2008 7:59:04 PM(IST)

My name is Munni Devi. I am resident of house no. S. 18/149 Rajabazar, Nadeshar in Varanasi district. I have three sons and two daughters but only one son is left for marriage. Both sons are separately living. I send my younger son to Mumbai with my honest neighbor when he was only 7-8 years. He sells toys and also sends some Rupees to me. He was brought up in Mumbai meanwhile he did not attend in the marriage of his elder brother because my son only returns when my neighbor come.

My son came to attend marriage party in Lanka (a name of place) Varanasi while returning from there police trapped my son and another boy in murder case. On next day after reading in newspaper people inform me that your son is charged in murder case and now he is in police custody. I did not believe on my ears and also after reading this news in paper. My husband is useless and he did not have any attention towards family from last 10-12 years. On next day hurriedly I went to civil court and came to know that two boys are charged in murder case and one boy name is Guddu that time it was very painful for me then death, as my son was involved in fake case. However he was but is my child and he earns some money for his livelihood.

Earlier I stitches clothes and any how nourish my children. My son also becomes helping hand to me. After that I started encircling the court. In my life I had never experienced these things. I took debt sell my land spend my time in court for bail of my son. I took debt from other people and I also sold small piece of land. Anyhow after two years my son was released from prison and I felt relief. I send my son to his brother in law relative house as he will be safe there.

Police came in civil dress took my son and Ashok Pradhan in custody from my relative house. One boy gave telephonic information to my daughter. I felt why they are trying to involve my innocent son, for four days I was continuously searching for my son.

I came to know my son is in Bhelupur police station then I immediately rush there. Firstly they did not allow to meet my son. I beg to police constable and they allowed.

When I saw my son in Police station I feel what I am looking. How I am living alive. Now I feel I should die. In winter season I sat entire night in front of police station. After 6-7 days my son was prosecuted in fake case of drug business. My son spends two and half month in prison in this case. I was afraid when I heard my son is charged in drug business. When I recall this incidence then I have headache.

Doctor advised not to think too much. If you will died who will look to your son. After two and half month my son was released and I believe police make people’s criminals. After bail I send my son to Mumbai and everyone in my family feared with police.

15 days before police came and asked my grandson where your uncle is? He said in Mumbai. That time my second son was in the home. Police abused us by using filthy words and took my son with themselves. I immediately followed him to police station but they release him after investigation.

Police is continuously threating me to call my son otherwise your house will be confiscate. Two days before I with my grandson went to buy Jalebi (an Indian sweet dish) he saw one police men on that shop and said “Grandmother let us go from here, see police men is standing in that shop, now I did not want jalebi.” I live my life in fear that police can arrive any time. I cannot sleep in the night. My grandson is also terrorized. I feared with uniform and abuse of police.

I always feel fear in mind that police can take my son in custody as he goes. After thinking my hand and legs start shivering and now I am feeling some strength from inside.

Uttar Pradesh: Testmony of Kaju

Uttar Pradesh: Testmony of Kaju

Karmanya/Daya Shankar Patel 11/6/2008 11:06:22 AM(IST)

My name is Kaju. I am 20 years old and I resident of Bagwanala, Post – Nakhighat under jurisdiction Jaitpura, Varanasi. In year 2000 I was playing Kabaddi in my village and while playing Mintu t-shirt ragged. He brawl me for the t- shirt. I returned home as Mintu was demanding t-shirt from me. Mean while Maya came and she meditate in our dispute. However Maya is a bad woman. She involves in wrong work and she defame entire village.

Approximately after 15-20 days in the morning Mintu father came and asks me about Mintu. As from last two days Mintu’s father did not have any information about him. I said I did not have any information about him.

On same day evening a boy informed in the village that one dead body is jammed near Narkhoi River Nakhighat. With the villagers I also went to see the dead body. I feared with the dead body as it was very much swell and looking very horrible. At that time two policemen came and they returned back after inspecting. Again two policemen came and in the night they took dead body to Saraiya police chowki.

On next day Paru was coming from the market. He stopped when he saw Ms. Maya and Pintu parent in Saraiya police chowki. Where Mintu father asked did you have any information about Mintu as most of the time he was spending with you. Then Paru answered Mintu spend most of his time with Kaju. Kaju might have information about him. Maya instruct Mintu mother to disclose the name of these two people, otherwise you will be rapt. Paru was taken in police custody near old market bridge as he was returning back from the police station. Maya informed police these people took life of Mintu.

After investigating with Paru 7-8 police constables with motorbike and auto rickshaw came to my village. At that time I was doing fishery on the bank of the river. Two police constables came on one way. They ask my name from 100 meter away. I replied my name is Kaju. After that I was taken in police custody and they gave me two - three slap. They took me to Saraiya police chowki by auto rickshaw.

-- Dead body was kept on the trolley. They took us near the body and call Mintu father to recognize the dead body. Is he your son? Mintu father did not recognize dead body as his son body. I said Mintu is younger than me but dead body is of elder person.

Meanwhile Mintu mother came and said he is my son. I recognize him. He is my son as I nourish him nine month in my womb. She said, “I know this people kill my son.” Maya is bad character that’s why police believe in her fake statement and we were imprisoned.

-- In night two policemen in alcoholic condition came. They tie my hand and leg with wire. When they hit on my back with leg I feel down on mouth side. They took me to Jaitpura police station with jeep.

-- I was kept in lock up for two days. I was brutally beaten by lathi in the police station continuously for two days. I between they ask did you beat him. This time I am feeling very sad. I am trying to pour myself but I am unable to do so. I feel entire picture is going in front of my eyes. My body is shivering. This time also I have fear.

-- After this I was sent to prison and I get bail after 14 days. When I went to Mumbai then police come to my home and threat my mother for confiscate. Then my mother makes telephonic information to me and I immediately arrive and present myself in the police station and went to prison.

-- In the prison both police and prisoners abused to do work like sweeping and doing the massage of their body. After spending one year in prison, I returned home.

-- Police also create problem while returning home. They regularly call for investigation; I get release with assistance of Shanti didi and other villagers.

-- What happened to the condition of poor people if doctor sahib is not there.

-- Being innocent Maya and policeman involved me in this case. I cannot sleep in the night with the entire incidence. Always I live my life in fear any time police can take me in custody and send to prison. I am very much feared with police torture. When I think only police and its torture is going in my mind. I want alleged police should be punished so they cannot create problem to innocent and poor people.

Uttar Pradesh: Feeling of pain and agony due to colonial police act

Uttar Pradesh: Feeling of pain and agony due to colonial police act

Upendra Kumar/Vijay Bharti 21/6/2008 6:55:30 PM(IST)

My Name is Paru alias Paras is resident of village Bagwanala under jurisdiction Jaitpura, Varanasi (U.P). Before 20 -22 years I was living in my paternal house in village Rasulgarh I left and permanently settled in Bagwanala as my relative fought with me. I was happily living with my wife Chamela and three children – Usha (7 years), Resham (2 years) and Gudia (1 year). I interest in weaving so I engage myself in this work. However now I drive rickshaw to manage my family need.

One day a dead body was found in Bagwanala which was identified as Mintu body by his parent. Before that Mintu parent were asking me where is Mintu I did not answered to them as I did not have any information about him. Maya a woman of my hamlet said to Mintu parent that few days back they were fighting with Mintu and they had only killed Mintu.

On 29th December, 1999 I was going with bicycle meanwhile police took me in custody on Mintu parent’s statement. I was put in prison where entire night I was beaten by six police constable and S.I (Mr. Anil Mishra). I feel pain of 20-25 lathi but after that I become faint and they kept me in another room. In this case police also call Kaju and beat him. While beating police incessantly ask why did you kill Mintu, I said I did not kill him even though I don’t know whether he is dead or alive. The dead body they show me it was not of Mintu. However police and Mintu’s parent proved it as body of Mintu. I only recognize his clothes. For three days entire day and night they torture me by using various means. Some time they tie me in iron chain and they beat until voice come out from my mouth. In the name of clothes only black baniyan was left in the body. I lost many tooth as they beat with butt-end of the gun on my both jaws. I am only able to take semi solid and liquid item like rice and Halwa. In police station they make me to lie down in ice slab and tie my both hand and I feel difficulty in removing my hands. They also keep ice slab between my hand and stomach. They beat with lathi in my entire body and even in falanga also this was really painful for me. I have eye sight problem as they beat by lathi in falanga. When I get in conscious policeman continuously make pressure on me to accept the crime and also threat me for plucking my nail and punching pin on my feet then you will forget mischief which you are doing. That time I thought they will kill me but after three days charge sheet was filed and I spend 15 days in prison. After 15 days I was released on bail and I have pain in my entire body. My right hand finger gets fracture as police beat me and still I feel pain in winter season. When I was taken in police custody then they deposit my gold chain, bicycle and watch, seven hundred Rupees. When I released I asked police constable about these items, he said go and take where you kept and to whom you gave.

When I was in prison my children and family member were crying they only eat rice and sleep. From then my life ruined and still I am not feeling calm from inside.

Again after 15 days police took me in custody, this time they involved in another case of firing on S.I. I spend 1 ½ year in prison based in Chaukaghat. In Prison I read in newspaper that S.I Anil Mishra and other policeman were killed while struggling for Naxal encounter. Then I realize that people who do injustice get punishment one day and I feel relief from inside. Now I did not have any complaint against police department. In prison I learn how to read and write. When I get release from prison as I was unable to work so my brother (Kailash) and his wife (Radhey Sonkar) with rickshaw took me to home. That time I felt as everything is ruined and my leg was shivering and I feel fear inside. When I return home everything was looking unresponsive. I fear with darkness and I lost my interest in many things after spending my time in prison. Still now police trouble me and for five year everything my life was smooth. However from one and half years police take me in custody in mid night. Often S.I and police came to my home they asked officer has called in police station by using abusive word. They also threat me to come in police station otherwise be prepare for the results. Whenever I present myself in police station a new case is imposed on me like hitting with knife and robbery etc. How can we poor fight with injustice. With the behavior of police my entire family is afraid. Now my family members leave me alone and I alone struggling with this case. I did not have belief in home, family and relatives.

Police constable suggests why you can’t settle at another place. I said police will not leave me if I am in any part of Uttar Pradesh. Your corruption is everywhere then police constable replied that you become very intelligent then I said because of you all. My family members also suggest the same as police constable. However I did not left this place because police will create problem to my brother and other family members. After recalling entire incidence in mind I feel I should die but know I want to be alive as I have to face all this things. One day S.O Mr. Heera Lal Jaiswal ask me why are you blaming that police misbehave with you. I said however S.I and S.O by using abusive word ask me to come in police station S.O sir has called you and when I present myself there I was charged with another new case. He said don’t disclose to anyone that police is abusing or beating you.

Now I want to spend my rest life with my family member in peace. Any how I am managing my need with driving the trolley. I am always feared with the next step of the police. It has became part of my life from last 15 days I am very much troubled and feeling very suffocation that police may kill or vanished me. These days 7 -8 times police call me and illegally detained me in police station they ask me about Bharat Sonkar. I inform them as much I know about him then they release me. Bharat and Kanhaiya are charged with dacoity, snatching and shooting. When this incidence happened I was in prison then also police detained me to investigate in their case. 3 -4 days before an encounter happened nearby my house. I will be free after my death but what will happen to my family member. I want to be alive after thinking about my family. I want to free myself from police. Police know Bharat house then also why he takes me. When I denied then police said what is problem in going with him but four and five hours is ruined like that.

Police officer Heera Lal 15 days before came and said you are charged under new case. Give me 500 Rupees we will deposit your fine. He said nothing will happen to you now leave your life in peace. However yesterday night again police took me to Bharat Sonkar house they release me when they did not find Bharat

Translated by Ms. Shabana Khan of PVCHR.