Sunday, July 27, 2008

John from Maharastra

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Dear Lenin

Not that there was no development here that we did not send you an update. The movement is smaller but stronger than before.

Our struggle has taken a new turn after the Revenue officers visited most of our occupations and took down the statements of the encroachers. The spot inspection has given new vigour to the movement.

It was during our routine attempt too establish our rights that we bumped into a stunning scam that is taking place in the region. The landlords who had lost their land in the ceiling act is claiming back the land by manipulating records. The government of Maharashtra had consented to the claim of the landlords and is planning to return forty thousand acres of land.

We are awaiting more documents which are overdue under RTI We are planning to move the high Court against this mega land grab..

The trial resumes tomorrow..Let us see what is in store for us.


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