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folk voice from Raup to touch Delhi based activist

from Bibhu Mohapatra hide details 4/29/07
date Apr 29, 2007 3:19 PM
subject what the children of Raup village looked like

Dear Parul Sharma, It was so very interesting to talk to you. I have been hearing about you from lenin and shruty a lot.Since I work on issues concerning governance, I was a little intrigued about your methods of working. yestrday was my third visit to the Raup village. As we entered the village, a whole bunch of women and kids started running in our direction. soon we were surounded by a dancing mob. They were celebrating their voter cards which gave them an identity and an address. Now no one can kick them out of this place. The pride and joy were infectious. The children were playing in the neighbourhood. I went there and realised that in this 48 degree heat how could you play on the iron railings. I asked a little one who did not have clothes on him, how did he manage to sit on the damned railing. The fellow smiled and played on. His mother explained that the children were continuously playing and would not get down till 2.30 am at night. I felt tears in my eyes. Hats off to the one who thought of the children and their hunger for play things. Parul, you and Lenin became a parcel of a memory which would last as long as I live, THANKS. warm regards, Bibhu

Bibhu P. Mohapatra
Association for Democratic Reforms,
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New Delhi -- 110067
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