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Monday, 10 September, 2007.

Venue: In the ground of Haji Lallapura, Varanasi

PARTICIPANTS: over 41 people participated, who were living in weaving industry in Lallapura. All participants were on leave.

Morning Session: 11:30am- 2 pm
Lunch Session: 2 pm – 2:30 pm
After noon Session: 2:30 pm- 4pm
Tea Session: 4pm – 4:15 pm
Evening Session: 4:15 pm- 6:30 pm

The purpose of Folk school is to share and uncensored the victims in front of each other and tries to find out the common solution & strategy
Aftab Alam: First Aftab Alam explains the purpose of folk school by explaining the aim of word hidden in folk school banner. Victims means hunger, illiteracy, and due to not finding work. Somewhere the above problem is in its worst condition and in some place these problem have less effect, he also insist that the voice of victims should be raised. Fight for the victim and margined because these people always keep their legs back. It is necessary to uncensored the victims in front of each other and find common solution to the problems.

Siddique Hasan: Siddique Hasan told that PVCHR and we are not doing any politics. We are raising the voice of weaver’s problems, come forward and fight for the problem. So, weavers can keep their problem in front of Government officers, Government representative. He also add it is yours problems and you people should be in front. You have to stand against problem like corruption, bribery and traitor etc.


(A) Basir-ud-din: I am weaving sari from last twenty-five years. In ADI office in Rathyata weavers have to submit 50 Rupees for the preparation of Weavers identity card and Gandhi health insurance.

When I went to ADI office and paid 50 Rupees for Weavers identity card. From than to till now many times I went to ADI office, but I didn’t get Weavers identity card. Officers said that after survey you will get the Weavers identity card, after few days not eligible candidate gets Weavers identity card and needy weaver are marginalized from the facility.

Submitting the entire document than also they are not preparing identifying card of weavers and harassing us in the name of survey. If we people go in-group of weavers than they call us leader or mediator and ask to come alone. The head clerk of office bribe money and make Weavers identity card

(B) Mohd. Soaib: I am working as weavers for 17 years. He get ICICI health card by paying 60 Rupees. My daughter (Noor Jahan age 14 years) She is suffering from cold and problem in nose bone. For her treatment I went to Javed Iqbal clinic in Aurangabad, Varanasi, and her name is also mention in the card.

Doctors said this card is useless. Free medical facilities are provided by ICICI health card by paying 200 Rupees, but in weaver card 25% reduction in medicine and 50% reduction in doctor’s fees. Doctors not agreed with him in reduction in weavers card and prescribe his own medicine and said some percentage of reduction will be given during her operation. From one month we are eating less food and getting treatment of my daughter.

He said that every weaver should get below poverty ration card (BPL) and health card. If card will be made than atleast we will get food otherwise, for 10 Rupees treatment we have to sleep with empty stomach. I am wearing single clothes from seven years.

(C) Mohd. Asraf: I am also engaged in weaving from last 10 years. The main reason of our society backwardness is illiteracy and lack of awareness.

(D) Mohd. Ekram: I have worked as weaver last 20 years. From last 12 years I am pulling rickshaw, police man sit in our rickshaw and whole day room from here to there. When we ask money he abuse us and sometime and hold stick to beat us, like me other rickshaw pullars are facing this problem. I don’t have money to get license and we are fined and pay fine to municipal cooperation by taking debts. I have five daughters including me and my wife seven people. Two of my daughters are married and third one marriage will take place October. I don’t know from where I will manage the expense made in marriage.

When weaving occupation was in profit than we get three times food and now it is difficult to get one time proper food. I live alone in rent house in Lallapura by paying 200 Rupees per month and my family lives in my mother- in- law house. If export of handloom sari start than weaving occupation will rise. Weaving industry revive than he will leave rickshaw pulling. I am sick from many year suspecting tuber closes, I went to Shiv prasad Gupta hospital and didn’t get medicine from there.

(D) Mohd. Kausen: I am working as weaver in 15 years. Government should give subsidy in electricity. Government should direct buy sari without interference any middleman, suitable amount should paid to weavers directly and Government should also give other benefit.

(E) Karim-ud-din Ansari: People from electricity department take 2000 Rupees from us for electric meter, again they are asking 2000 Rupees for electric meter. We have no money to take food and the employee of electricity department is threatening us. We weavers are helpless what to do.
Secondly discrimination in Aanganwadi center here five Aanganwadi center without any signboard. These center are not properly cared by Aanganwadi workers but are cared by neighbors girls. The population of Lallapur is approximately 6000 in which 60 % people are weavers. Not even 1% of people know about Aanganwadi center. In this center only immunization of children is done not pregnant women. Instead of protein diet sattu and toffee is distributed and they did not go home to take children from home, no ANM come to visit Lallapur.

(H) Asarfi: I left weaving 10 yeas ago. I took loan of 2500 thousand Rupees from bank in which he have to pay 1600 thousand Rupees and till now only 6000 thousand Rupees are paid. From last one year my shop is not running good and I am unable to pay the debt. Bank officer threat him that they will close their shop.

(I) Gular Ahamed: I run ngo of handicapped. When I go to Shiv prasad gupt hospital for certificate of handicapped than doctors ask bribe. Who bribe get certificate of total handicapped and who does not give get certificate of partial handicapped. Handicapped assistance pension 2500 per year is not given. Weaver’s children are more handicapped. In Lallapura 300 children of weavers are handicapped

(G) Baktiyar Alam: I am weaving since 15 years. Four month back I have claim on health insurance card and till now I did not amount.

At last in meeting many weavers demands are given below—

1. In Varanasi Government market should be provided.

2. Government should directly buy handloom items from weavers not by mediator.

3. Government should promote export of handloom sari.

4. Government assistance and facility should be directly given to weavers not

5. Every weaver should get health cards.

6. One weaver organization should be made so; welfare of small weavers should done.

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