Sunday, April 20, 2008

Voice of a weaver in Lohta area

I Rahmat Ali age 43 years old son of Mohd. Ismaile residing in Dhamariya (Lohta), Varanasi Uttar Pradesh. I have two children-
• Haider Ali age 10 years old
• Sadab Alam age 8 years old

I am physically so weak that always I am unable to do work. Due to weaving it is worst condition and now I am not finding work. I am suffering from tuber closes from last 5 years. I have already expensed 1000 Rupees for treatment of tuber closes in Jamia Hospital in Pilikoti. I get some relief but know I am suffering a lot. I have yellow (Above poverty line card).

I went for the treatment on weaver’s health card in Saint Mary hospital in karoutha. Dr. Navin Kumar Singh chief of Saint Mary said he will admit me in IPD and all other expenses will be borne by me. Approximately 5,000 Rupees was expensed in the treatment.

Doctors said after x-rays and blood test treatment will be start. I have no money for the diagnosis. Doctors of Saint Mary hospital call for several times then they prescribe for the x-rays and blood test and my money is spending in traveling.

I get the tablet of DOTS but this medicine is harming me, as I am not getting full nutrition diet. If I have to go out of station for many days then doctors are not giving more tablets of DOTS then required.

Due to economic poverty, running several times to hospital and not good behaviour of doctors are the reason that’s why I am not getting the proper treatment of tuber closes. Some time I have to buy medicine of Tuber closis from myself, every day morning blood come out with phlegm. I am suffering from cough from long time. My wife Ajgari is also suffering from tuber closes she is suffering from Tuber closis from last nine years. She also gets treatment in Ram nager and now she is not getting treatment any more due to economic poverty.

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