Saturday, June 21, 2008

Uttar Pradesh: Manipulation of police against marginalized

Uttar Pradesh: Manipulation of police against marginalized

Anjana/Neeraj 21/6/2008 6:55:09 PM(IST)

My name is Munni Devi. I am resident of house no. S. 18/149 Rajabazar, Nadeshar in Varanasi district. I have three sons and two daughters but only one son is left for marriage. Both sons are separately living. I send my younger son to Mumbai with my honest neighbor when he was only 7-8 years. He sells toys and also sends some Rupees to me. He was brought up in Mumbai meanwhile he did not attend in the marriage of his elder brother because my son only returns when my neighbor come.

My son came to attend marriage party in Lanka (a name of place) Varanasi while returning from there police trapped my son and another boy in murder case. On next day after reading in newspaper people inform me that your son is charged in murder case and now he is in police custody. I did not believe on my ears and also after reading this news in paper. My husband is useless and he did not have any attention towards family from last 10-12 years. On next day hurriedly I went to civil court and came to know that two boys are charged in murder case and one boy name is Guddu that time it was very painful for me then death, as my son was involved in fake case. However he was but is my child and he earns some money for his livelihood.

Earlier I stitches clothes and any how nourish my children. My son also becomes helping hand to me. After that I started encircling the court. In my life I had never experienced these things. I took debt sell my land spend my time in court for bail of my son. I took debt from other people and I also sold small piece of land. Anyhow after two years my son was released from prison and I felt relief. I send my son to his brother in law relative house as he will be safe there.

Police came in civil dress took my son and Ashok Pradhan in custody from my relative house. One boy gave telephonic information to my daughter. I felt why they are trying to involve my innocent son, for four days I was continuously searching for my son.

I came to know my son is in Bhelupur police station then I immediately rush there. Firstly they did not allow to meet my son. I beg to police constable and they allowed.

When I saw my son in Police station I feel what I am looking. How I am living alive. Now I feel I should die. In winter season I sat entire night in front of police station. After 6-7 days my son was prosecuted in fake case of drug business. My son spends two and half month in prison in this case. I was afraid when I heard my son is charged in drug business. When I recall this incidence then I have headache.

Doctor advised not to think too much. If you will died who will look to your son. After two and half month my son was released and I believe police make people’s criminals. After bail I send my son to Mumbai and everyone in my family feared with police.

15 days before police came and asked my grandson where your uncle is? He said in Mumbai. That time my second son was in the home. Police abused us by using filthy words and took my son with themselves. I immediately followed him to police station but they release him after investigation.

Police is continuously threating me to call my son otherwise your house will be confiscate. Two days before I with my grandson went to buy Jalebi (an Indian sweet dish) he saw one police men on that shop and said “Grandmother let us go from here, see police men is standing in that shop, now I did not want jalebi.” I live my life in fear that police can arrive any time. I cannot sleep in the night. My grandson is also terrorized. I feared with uniform and abuse of police.

I always feel fear in mind that police can take my son in custody as he goes. After thinking my hand and legs start shivering and now I am feeling some strength from inside.

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