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Uttar Pradesh: Testmony of Kaju

Uttar Pradesh: Testmony of Kaju

Karmanya/Daya Shankar Patel 7/6/2008 4:24:18 PM(IST)

My name is Kaju. I am 20 years old and I resident of Bagwanala, Post – Nakhighat under jurisdiction Jaitpura, Varanasi. In year 2000 I was playing Kabaddi in my village and while playing Mintu t-shirt ragged. He brawl me for the t- shirt. I returned home as Mintu was demanding t-shirt from me. Mean while Maya came and she meditate in our dispute. However Maya is a bad woman. She involves in wrong work and she defame entire village.

Approximately after 15-20 days in the morning Mintu father came and asks me about Mintu. As from last two days Mintu’s father did not have any information about him. I said I did not have any information about him.

On same day evening a boy informed in the village that one dead body is jammed near Narkhoi River Nakhighat. With the villagers I also went to see the dead body. I feared with the dead body as it was very much swell and looking very horrible. At that time two policemen came and they returned back after inspecting. Again two policemen came and in the night they took dead body to Saraiya police chowki.

On next day Paru was coming from the market. He stopped when he saw Ms. Maya and Pintu parent in Saraiya police chowki. Where Mintu father asked did you have any information about Mintu as most of the time he was spending with you. Then Paru answered Mintu spend most of his time with Kaju. Kaju might have information about him. Maya instruct Mintu mother to disclose the name of these two people, otherwise you will be rapt. Paru was taken in police custody near old market bridge as he was returning back from the police station. Maya informed police these people took life of Mintu.

After investigating with Paru 7-8 police constables with motorbike and auto rickshaw came to my village. At that time I was doing fishery on the bank of the river. Two police constables came on one way. They ask my name from 100 meter away. I replied my name is Kaju. After that I was taken in police custody and they gave me two - three slap. They took me to Saraiya police chowki by auto rickshaw.

-- Dead body was kept on the trolley. They took us near the body and call Mintu father to recognize the dead body. Is he your son? Mintu father did not recognize dead body as his son body. I said Mintu is younger than me but dead body is of elder person.

Meanwhile Mintu mother came and said he is my son. I recognize him. He is my son as I nourish him nine month in my womb. She said, “I know this people kill my son.” Maya is bad character that’s why police believe in her fake statement and we were imprisoned.

-- In night two policemen in alcoholic condition came. They tie my hand and leg with wire. When they hit on my back with leg I feel down on mouth side. They took me to Jaitpura police station with jeep.

-- I was kept in lock up for two days. I was brutally beaten by lathi in the police station continuously for two days. I between they ask did you beat him. This time I am feeling very sad. I am trying to pour myself but I am unable to do so. I feel entire picture is going in front of my eyes. My body is shivering. This time also I have fear.

-- After this I was sent to prison and I get bail after 14 days. When I went to Mumbai then police come to my home and threat my mother for confiscate. Then my mother makes telephonic information to me and I immediately arrive and present myself in the police station and went to prison.

-- In the prison both police and prisoners abused to do work like sweeping and doing the massage of their body. After spending one year in prison, I returned home.

-- Police also create problem while returning home. They regularly call for investigation; I get release with assistance of Shanti didi and other villagers.

-- What happened to the condition of poor people if doctor sahib is not there.

-- Being innocent Maya and policeman involved me in this case. I cannot sleep in the night with the entire incidence. Always I live my life in fear any time police can take me in custody and send to prison. I am very much feared with police torture. When I think only police and its torture is going in my mind. I want alleged police should be punished so they cannot create problem to innocent and poor people.

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